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Hey guys,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for the work you did on my iMac. I had high hopes that you could fix it and you exceeded the hell out of them and then some. You tried to save me as much money as you could, were very professional, quick, communicative and awesome. This thing now works better than my brand new Macbook air and it's six years old!
You already have a billion 5 star ratings on Yelp but you'll get another from me. Please keep up the good work, Sac needs good, reputable business like yours.

Thanks again,

Joe Rockwood

thank you so much for upgrading my computer.it is so much faster,the programs run great,its like a new mac,
you guys are awesome!! thanks

Linda Sacher

Hello Casey,
I would like to bring to your attention the great experience I had in doing business with Core Care. Your service writer, "Chris", kept me informed to the status of my iMac repair and the technician who worked on my computer, "Phil", gladly went over what was replaced, why and showed me the replaced hardware. Your staff even took the time to go over the informative documentation of the service work. I can only think of three words that would best describe my experience with Core Care...exceptional customer service. Highest regards,

Hi Chris and Casey,
Thanks for the service on my MacBook Air. It's way better than ever!
I've referred you to my Mac buddies. I told them your price is very fair. But your service, turn time, and insight are awesome.
Great job again, tom.

Tom Smith

Karlee Hickman wrote:

Thank you for being so helpful today. I've always referred everyone I know to you and this is just another example of why.
You guys are great!
Thanks again!

Karlee Hickman
Wedding Architect
I Do Blueprints~Wedding & Event Design

Andrea Keeshan wrote:
Just wanted to let you know that I did cry tears of joy this weekend as my computer DID NOT FREEZE UP ON ME ONCE since you guys put the wireless card in my laptop!!!! I am so stoked!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!!! I can't believe I waited so long to put that thing in! You guys are AWESOME!!
Iwas going to send flowers but figured you guys are probably not the type... :)

Thanks again!
Andrea Keeshan

27 September 2010
To Any & All Apple Users,
I would like to share with you my experience with the Core Care team over the past month.

My wife, Rena, is an Interior Designer with a high-end furniture store here is Sacramento. As a service offered to her clients, she makes "house calls" where she measures the rooms the client requests, and then, at home, generates & prints a floor plan she shares with the client. She has been doing this for the past ten plus years and has all of these on her Apple Performa computer. I, on the other hand, have been a PC-IBM type guy since the first hit the market. I would like to add that I have been in the electronics industry since 1979, and am very much tech-savvy.

Rena's computer failed to turn on last month. I knew from a similar situation several years ago that its repair would be a challenge since I could not find anyone then to perform the required repair (it was too old), and was forced to find a replacement. Still, I went Googling for a solution, and found Core Care. I brought Rena's inoperative Mac to Casey, Chris et al, and was immediately encouraged by their enthusiasm and can-do attitude. Within a few hours, I received a call from Core Care telling me that the power supply had passed away, and they would start looking for a replacement power supply. The big issue was that Rena wanted to keep using her old program, which would not run on anything new than OS-9. Over the next week, Casey kept me up-to-date on his progress, and offered several options to repairing the poor old Performa. One of these options was to offer me (us) an old but pristine laptop Mac that ran OS-9, and would therefore accommodate her program (Speed Design, using MacDraw). He also spent hours rescuing those old floor plan files off of her failed disc-drive (all for the flat-rate labor fee). When I had a problem finding a printer that would work with the laptop, he again came to the rescue. Rena is now up and running, and we even got the Performa repaired (good as new) as a back up.

In my thirty two years in the electronics industry, from technician to teacher to supervisor to service manager, I have never seen such awesome customer service and expertise as provided by the Core Care team. My next computer will not be a PC-IBM but an Apple, to ensure that should something happen that I cannot correct, I will be able to visit my new friends at core Care and be sure that it will be taken care of fast and right the first time. I am not easily impressed, but the level of service at Core Care gave me goose-bumps. Thank-you for being there, Core Care. You and Apple RULE!


Larry Robison

You are truly the best, Casey.
Thank you so much for taking this on today.
Your entire shop, by the way, is very client centered and gracious.
It is delight to be in the friendly atmosphere you have created. I'll be thinking of you in Italy.
Robert J. Garmston Ed.D


Aloha Casey,
I've been working on a film project for over four years and recently was in Hawaii editing the final segments for a film entitled FOR THE LOVE OF SURFING, a film that features over a hundred of the most influential surfers of the 20th century that helped create the surfing lifestyle. Right in the middle of putting the final touches on the film project; a< three hour, three volume disk set, I started noticing reoccurring problems including mounting problems with one of my two main Maxtor 1.5 terabyte hard drives.

Because of Casey's initial recommendations and experience with data recovery he saved the project, and also he worked hard with the manufacturer to make sure that my rights were protected. Because of Casey's commitment to provide the highest level professional and friendly service I would highly recommend Casey and Core-Care. Mahalo to Casey and his staff at Core-Care for saving my project.
Eric Jordan, Filmmaker

Thanks Casey-
Did all you suggested, removed the previous systems folder, emptied trash, updated software (took over an hour!), restarted and now all seems to be working, just printed out a report-— even made it up to my meeting with the County of Colusa with 5 minutes to spare this afternoon.Thanks for your help--
Carol Rosset
Sergei Shkurkin & Associates, LLC

Hi Core-Care folks.
I was in there yesterday with a misbehaving PowerBook G4; Carey ended up resetting the PMU, and all appears to be well now. Thanks for helping me so quickly.
Sam Cowan

Hey Chris and tech guy ~
I'm so happy with the service Core-care provided to this out-of-town guest! Great to know customer
service LIVES!! And the extra touch.... When I opened my computer, I thought you had given me
someone else's, it looked so squeeky clean! thanks! Wish you were in Santa Cruz!!
Thanks for sending the licking pooch!

Core Care,
Thanks so much for taking care of my Powerbook! You guys are truly professional and I couldn't be happier. Quick service, an honest no-nonsense way of getting things done. The staff there was really helpful and a pleasure to deal with.
Two big thumbs up! You guys are worthy of the Apple logo.
up the good work!Best regards,

Casey, Phillip, Tim, & Chris
You guys are fantastic! Thank you so very much for saving my bacon and getting my email back. It was lovely just to know my lost messages were as text files but when you magically got them back into Mail - well, I could have kissed you. :) You really are superheros and I'm making it my personal business to spread the word far and wide.
Jeanne Alongi